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10 Examples of Natural Language Processing in Action

example of natural language processing

This combination of AI in customer experience allows businesses to improve their customer service which, in turn, increases customer retention. Human language is filled with ambiguities that make it incredibly difficult to write software that accurately determines the intended meaning of text or voice data. Natural language processing plays a vital part in technology and the way humans interact with it. It is used in many real-world applications in both the business and consumer spheres, including chatbots, cybersecurity, search engines and big data analytics.

  • For example, Woebot, which we listed among successful chatbots, provides CBT, mindfulness, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (CBT).
  • NLP can be simply integrated into an app or a website for a user-friendly experience.
  • Some of the methods proposed by researchers to remove ambiguity is preserving ambiguity, e.g. (Shemtov 1997; Emele & Dorna 1998; Knight & Langkilde 2000; Tong Gao et al. 2015, Umber & Bajwa 2011) [39, 46, 65, 125, 139].
  • Converting written or spoken human speech into an acceptable and understandable form can be time-consuming, especially when you are dealing with a large amount of text.

Nonetheless, businesses are already using it in many real-world situations. From cybersecurity to customer service, artificial intelligence is changing industries across the globe. The extracted information can be applied for a variety of purposes, for example to prepare a summary, to build databases, identify keywords, classifying text items according to some pre-defined categories etc. For example, CONSTRUE, it was developed for Reuters, that is used in classifying news stories (Hayes, 1992) [54]. It has been suggested that many IE systems can successfully extract terms from documents, acquiring relations between the terms is still a difficulty.

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This organization uses natural language processing to automate contract analysis, due diligence, and legal research. These tools read and understand legal language, quickly surfacing relevant information from large volumes of documents, saving legal professionals countless hours of manual reading and reviewing. Their mobile app has an AI-powered chatbot virtual barista that accepts orders verbally or textually.

example of natural language processing

These chatbots are the outcome of natural language processing in AI (Artificial Intelligence). These solutions can ensure that the service providers relate to their customers and provide solutions to their queries instantly. However, the same technologies used for social media spamming can also be used for finding important information, like an email address or automatically connecting with a targeted list on LinkedIn. Marketers can benefit tremendously from natural language processing to gather more insights about their customers with each interaction. The field of study that focuses on the interactions between human language and computers is called natural language processing, or NLP for short. It sits at the intersection of computer science, artificial intelligence, and computational linguistics (Wikipedia).

NLP Projects Idea #2 Market Basket Analysis

Several companies in BI spaces are trying to get with the trend and trying hard to ensure that data becomes more friendly and easily accessible. But still there is a long way for this.BI will also make it easier to access as GUI is not needed. Because nowadays the queries are made by text or voice command on smartphones.one of the most common examples is Google might tell you today what tomorrow’s weather will be. But soon enough, we will be able to ask our personal data chatbot about customer sentiment today, and how we feel about their brand next week; all while walking down the street.


The lexicon was created using MeSH (Medical Subject Headings), Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary and general English Dictionaries. The Centre d’Informatique Hospitaliere of the Hopital Cantonal de Geneve is working on an electronic archiving environment with NLP features [81, 119]. At later stage the LSP-MLP has been adapted for French [10, 72, 94, 113], and finally, a proper NLP system called RECIT [9, 11, 17, 106] has been developed using a method called Proximity Processing [88]. It’s task was to implement a robust and multilingual system able to analyze/comprehend medical sentences, and to preserve a knowledge of free text into a language independent knowledge representation [107, 108].

Steps in NLP

Nobody has the time nor the linguistic know-how to compose a perfect sentence during a conversation between customer and sales agent or help desk. Grammarly provides excellent services in this department, even going as far to suggest better vocabulary and sentence structure depending on your preferences while you browse the web. Given that communication with the customer is the foundation upon which most companies thrive, communicating effectively and efficiently is critical. Regardless of whether it is a traditional, physical brick-and-mortar setup or an online, digital marketing agency, the company needs to communicate with the customer before, during and after a sale. The use of NLP, in this regard, is focused on automating the tracking, facilitating, and analysis of thousands of daily customer interactions to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction. MarketMuse, for example, uses natural language processing to analyze your existing content, as well as that of your competitors.

A Korean emotion-factor dataset for extracting emotion and factors in … – Nature.com

A Korean emotion-factor dataset for extracting emotion and factors in ….

Posted: Sun, 29 Oct 2023 10:23:29 GMT [source]

“One of the most compelling ways NLP offers valuable intelligence is by tracking sentiment — the tone of a written message (tweet, Facebook update, etc.) — and tag that text as positive, negative or neutral,” says Rehling. While text and voice are predominant, Natural Language Processing also finds applications in areas like image and video captioning, where text descriptions are generated based on visual content. Similarly, ticket classification using NLP ensures faster resolution by directing issues to the proper departments or experts in customer support. Businesses can tailor their marketing strategies by understanding user behavior, preferences, and feedback, ensuring more effective and resonant campaigns. Natural Language Processing isn’t just a fascinating field of study—it’s a powerful tool that businesses across sectors leverage for growth, efficiency, and innovation. The journey of Natural Language Processing traces back to the mid-20th century.

Akkio, an end-to-end machine learning platform, is making it easier for businesses to take advantage of NLP technology. In this post, we will explore the various applications of NLP to your business and how you can use Akkio to perform NLP tasks without any coding or data science skills. NLP powers social listening by enabling machine learning algorithms to track and identify key topics defined by marketers based on their goals. Grocery chain Casey’s used this feature in Sprout to capture their audience’s voice and use the insights to create social content that resonated with their diverse community. Chatbots are common on so many business websites because they are autonomous and the data they store can be used for improving customer service, managing customer complaints, improving efficiencies, product research and so much more. They can also be used for providing personalized product recommendations, offering discounts, helping with refunds and return procedures, and many other tasks.

Features such as spell check, autocorrect/correct make it easier for users to search through the website, especially if they are unclear of what they want. Most people search using general terms or part-phrases based on what they can remember. Enabling visitor in their search stops them from navigating away from the page in favour of the competition. To summarize a text, an NLP tool pulls the main ideas and keywords from a text and generates a summary using NLG. The challenge for AI and machine learning has always been figuring out just what those main ideas and keywords are. NLG is especially important in creating chatbots to answer customer questions.

Word Sense Disambiguation

The transformational effects of natural language processing examples on customer service are some of its most apparent products in the business. In a time where instantaneity is king, natural language-powered chatbots are revolutionizing client service. They accomplish things that human customer service representatives cannot, like handling incredible inquiries, operating continuously, and guaranteeing quick responses.

This application is helpful for school and college-going students to understand any long text. Also, these automatic summarizations can be used in scientific research papers. Their basic work is they will collect the text or paragraph, paraphrase it, and then change it to a unique version of the same sentences. If someone is searching for the same query repeatedly, then that information will be saved in the cache for further searches. You may observe this thing whenever you are querying something on a web browser.

Data Mining & Analysis

These insights give marketers an in-depth view of how to delight audiences and enhance brand loyalty, resulting in repeat business and ultimately, market growth. One problem I encounter again and again is running natural language processing algorithms on documents corpora or lists of survey responses which are a mixture of American and British spelling, or full of common spelling mistakes. One of the annoying consequences of not normalising spelling is that words like normalising/normalizing do not tend to be picked up as high frequency words if they are split between variants. For that reason we often have to use spelling and grammar normalisation tools. A major benefit of chatbots is that they can provide this service to consumers at all times of the day.

example of natural language processing

Two people may read or listen to the same passage and walk away with completely different interpretations. If humans struggle to develop perfectly aligned understanding of human language due to these congenital linguistic challenges, it stands to reason that machines will struggle when encountering this unstructured data. Knowledge of that relationship and subsequent action helps to strengthen the model.

example of natural language processing

Let’s break out some of the functionality of content analysis and look at tools that apply them. Finally, content analysis is the first step in translation from one language to another. Natural language processing example projects its potential from the last many years and is still evolving for more developed results. NLP equipped Wonderflow’s Wonderboard brings customer feedback and then analyzes them.

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