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Voided check

You can open a Wise account and receive money from around the world with local bank details. This is because it is an easy and convenient way for the employer to have access to your bank information without requiring you to make a money transfer. All you should see is the bank information such as your routing number, account number, and check number, and the word ‘VOID’, which you should have written on the front of the check. No, it isn’t necessary to sign or put any information on a voided check. It means that the check can no longer be used after it has been cashed or deposited. You can void a check from Wells Fargo online, by phone, or in the store.

What is a voided check and how do you make one? – SFGATE

What is a voided check and how do you make one?.

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Or better yet, see if you can send a hard-copy through the mail or via fax. The purpose of a voided check is to certify your bank account information. Once you void a check, it becomes invalid and useless for payment. There are dozens of different reasons why you may need to learn how to void a check like applying for an unsecured business loan or setting up direct deposit with your employer. A voided check has the word ‘void’ written across the check which is used to make it easier for providing banking information to someone and can be used for recordkeeping purposes. Electronic money, or e-money, is a simple way to send, spend, and receive payments online.

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We recommend you review the privacy statements of those third party websites, as Chime is not responsible for those third parties’ privacy or security practices. It doesn’t matter if someone else picks that check up and tries to write over it. So, be thorough and write it large and wide across the majority of the check. Any bank teller (even those working the first hour of their first shift) will understand that the check itself is anything but legitimate and you will have nothing to worry about.

FinanceBuzz is not a financial institution and does not provide credit cards or any other financial products. Investing in securities products involves risk Voided check and you could lose money. Brex Treasury is not a bank nor an investment adviser and your Brex business account is not an FDIC-insured bank account.

Please visit the Deposit Sweep Program Disclosure Statement for important legal disclosures. Shannon also noted that many at Nacha are using the Split Deposit feature of Direct Deposit, with a flat amount or a percentage of their pay earmarked for savings, while rest goes to a primary deposit account. If you need to void a check for any reason but don’t have one, there are workarounds you can try. Please visit the Social Security website layer for guidance on how to set up or change direct deposit. Please tell us where you bank so we can give you accurate rate and fee information for your location. It’s okay if it covers up the different text boxes on the check.

And anyone who has ever written out a physical check knows that it’s possible to make a mistake like putting in the wrong amount. When you’re faced with either of these situations, you’re going to want to void the check in question. You may need a voided check to set up a bank account, direct deposit, or automatic bill payment. You may also decide to void a check if you filled it out wrong or completed a mobile deposit and want to prevent others from using it.

What Is a Voided Check?

Employers might ask for a voided check to set up direct deposit. They can then enter your account information and confirm that your paycheck is going into the correct account. Rather than a letter from a financial institution, I recommend a screen print or snippet of a screen showing the routing and account numbers. Some online banking sites and applications already display the numbers in a useful fashion. Even better, an API might send these two useful pieces of information directly to the payroll system.

This voided check can be used for passing banking information to another party. This information can be used to set up the account for salary payment or mortgage or EMI payment. If you have a Chase account, then you can also just fill out a form instead of using a voided check to set up direct deposit. All you’ll need to fill out the direct deposit form is your routing number, bank account number, and check ID number.

First: Why void a check?

This is the information that today’s electronic banking services need to set up an electronic transfer between two different entities. The name of your banking institution is going to be printed prominently at the top left-hand corner of your check. At the very left-hand bottom of the front of your check is going to be your routing number, your account number, and the official check series number (in that order). The process of figuring out how to void the check by writing VOID clearly across it guarantees that anyone the check might be handed to cannot simply fill in the blanks and draw money from your account.

Voided check

Learn everything you need to know about how to void a check, including why you should never give someone a blank check. With step-by-step instructions and tips for avoiding common mistakes, you can confidently manage your finances and keep your money safe. Instead, you’d give it to a business or person so they can get your bank account info ( your account and routing numbers). You can still use that check to grab or provide your bank routing and account number as those numbers are tied to your bank account and not individual checks, however.

The Chime Visa® Credit Builder Card and the Chime Visa® Cash Rewards Card are issued by Stride Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and may be used everywhere Visa credit cards are accepted. Banking services and debit card provided by The Bancorp Bank, N.A. Anyone that has a checkbook is made at least a mistake or two filling out the important information when writing a check, but too many people don’t realize that they need to “secure” that check by voiding it out. Nor do you have to worry about logging onto online bill payment services after you set up automatic electronic transfers, either. If you’re tired of dealing with paper checks and keeping records, Wise can help you manage your money electronically. You simply write the word “VOID” in big letters on the front of the check.


A debit card is a payment card connected to a checking account, and you can use it to make both online and in-person purchases, where cards are accepted. If you need to prevent a check you’ve written from being cashed, you can request your bank to stop payment on the check. Once a check has been cashed, you can’t reverse or void the transaction. You can write it once in large letters, or you can write it in small letters on the date line, amount line, amount box, payee line, and signature line. However, you can download an account verification letter from your Brex dashboard that should be a sufficient alternative. In a variety of situations, providing a voided check enables you to share your checking account information without allowing anyone to use the check.

  • Once you’ve voided a check, it’s essentially disabled and cannot be used any longer.
  • Then, it can provide key information like your routing number and account number to be used in electronic transactions.
  • A voided check cannot be used to cash out or deposit the money.
  • If you’re asked for an electronic version or image of your voided check, don’t send it along as an attachment or pasted image in an email.
  • Your last option is to gather all your bank account information in one place so that you can fill out a form for your employer to set up a direct deposit.

Once you have your own personal checkbook, you can write VOID on any of the checks to get a void check. To get a voided check you’ll need to talk to your bank and get them to send you a checkbook. Before you can learn how to void a check you need to understand what this is.

How to Void a Check for Direct Deposit

You can void a check for any incorrect information and then rewrite it on a new check. Remember, since you endorsed the check, anyone who gets access to the check can deposit or cash it. You can take this check to a bank teller, to an ATM machine, or use mobile check deposit if your bank offers that functionality. You will need to let the bank know which account to deposit the funds or if you prefer cash. To void a check, simply write the word “VOID” over the area where you would normally fill in all the information. Be careful not to write over those important bank numbers at the bottom of the check.

Voided check

As was the case with direct deposit, the lender will want to use the bank account information listed on the bottom line of the check. Consumers often provide their own routing and account numbers online without any problem, so voided checks are required less frequently. For example, online banks allow you to link external accounts by typing in those details yourself. Billers, such as utility companies, also accept payments by e-check when customers input their checking account information. Some businesses even take payments over the phone, allowing customers to provide the information orally. Many employers ask their employees to submit a voided check in order to set up payroll direct deposit.

Financial Overview

Autopay can be very useful to stay on top of recurring bills like utilities, rent, or credit card payments. By using auto-pay you won’t have to worry about forgetting any bill payment and accruing late fees and hits to your credit score. If you need a voided check to set up direct deposit with your employer, you have a couple of choices. You can take a check from your checkbook and write “void” across it in large letters and provide the check to your employer. Voiding a check is a common practice used to nullify incorrect checks and set up direct deposits or bill payments. The process is fairly straightforward, but it’s important that you do it carefully to avoid someone using your check fraudulently.

Voided check

A voided check is a check with the word “VOID” across it, which indicates that it shouldn’t be used for payment. It’s typically written in large letters, so it cannot be mistaken for cash use. Voiding a check prevents the check from being used by anyone, especially thieves who could write a large sum of money out to themselves. Typically, a voided check is used to get information needed for electronic payments because it includes details such as your routing number, account number, and check number. Voiding a check is as simple as writing “VOID” in large letters across the front of the check, but there are a few other things to keep in mind.

They may have starter checks, aka checks printed at the bank with no pre-printed contact info. Or a teller might be able to print out a copy of a voided check with your account details. If you need a voided check and you don’t have a checkbook, your best bet is to ask the recipient about submitting your account details online as an alternative.

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