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Employees who lose pay stubs may want to monitor their credit report and alert their bank and credit reporting agencies so they can flag any suspicious activity. If a copy of the lost pay statement is needed, employees can usually request one from their employer’s HR or payroll department. Employers and employees use pay statements to verify that compensation is accurate. In addition, lenders often ask to see pay stubs as proof of income or employment before approving a loan.

  • This is known as your withholding tax — a partial payment of your annual income taxes that gets sent directly to the government.
  • It is also a record confirming required taxes and fees have been deducted.
  • The 1099 form is the equivalent of a W-2 but it’s used for independent contractors.
  • Pay stubs show the total amounts an employee has earned, amounts deducted from those earnings, and the remaining take-home pay after deductions.

Many people don’t receive their check stubs or pay stubs in paper form anymore. Electronic check stubs are the norm, but they may not be the best type of check stub in all cases. Employers should consider their options and the needs of their employees when it comes to the different types of check stubs that can be generated. On an employee’s pay stub, look at the gross wages column to find the year-to-date (YTD) income.


They can also help employees with proof of income when needed, like for a car loan or to lease an apartment. And, if you provide your team with an online pay stub, they won’t need to ask you every time they need to show that proof of income. However, in the absence of federal law, many states have statutes pertaining to pay statements. Colorado state law, for example, requires that employees receive paystubs from their employers at least once a month, which must list gross and net wages, as well as all deductions. When a business is new, small, or has very limited resources, it may have no choice but to handle pay stubs and other payroll responsibilities the hard way—manually.

Companies must therefore understand that requirements for paychecks will vary depending on the country. Gross wages are how much money you owe an employee before you take out any taxes and deductions. If an employee has any nontaxable income, you must also include it under gross wages.

Understanding Pay Stub Deductions

You can choose to provide check stubs electronically or on paper, but consider using both options, ensuring that each of your employees has easy access to their check stubs promptly. Although many companies are turning to software for their payroll needs, there may still be some value in creating physical paper check stubs. Firstly, not everyone has access to a home computer, meaning not everyone would be able to access their check stubs in a time of need, such as for proof of income when completing a rental application. Some states don’t require employers to provide check stubs at all, though it may still be beneficial to do so.

While these contributions aren’t deducted from your employee’s wages, they are can still included on the employee’s pay stub. For small and medium-sized businesses looking to a generate check stub on a budget, there are quite many options out there to make choosing become a burden. Today, check stub generators can help you take away the tedious process of manually generating payrolls—paying a premium payroll intermediary to perform the task. All that is required is that you choose a preferred generator, punch in a few essential details, and you will have your check stub in your email in a matter of minutes. However, when choosing a generator, you need something easy to use, costs less, and offers accuracy. It offers the accuracy you can trust, depend on, and can be utilized with ease.

Check stubs: An all you need to know

You are responsible for providing a check stub to each employee every pay period. Check stubs let employees ensure that they get the correct paycheck amount and provide employers with a way to settle discrepancies in an employee’s pay. A pay stub is what you give employees with their paycheck to outline the details of how much was earned in gross pay and what deductions were made, leaving them with a net pay amount. Pay stubs should outline things such as tax withholdings, health insurance payments and retirement funding. Your employee’s gross wages (sometimes referred to as gross income) are their pre-tax wages.

what is a check stub

While you might not be sued for not providing one as a business, some state laws require you to provide one. Typically, large-scale businesses partner with payroll companies to handle the processing of check stubs for their employees. As a small, medium-sized business or a large company looking to spend less, this method might not be ideal for you.

Flexible Spending Accounts

For hourly workers, multiply the employee’s hourly pay rate by the number of hours worked in the pay period. To find a salaried worker’s gross pay, divide their annual salary by the number of pay periods in the year. A pay stub may be created as a separate part of a paper paycheck, or it may exist in electronic form, which is commonly emailed to employees or made available online to confirm direct deposits of their paychecks. A pay stub is a document issued by an employer that shows an employee’s gross earnings, deductions from those earnings, and net pay. Pay stubs are created in conjunction with paychecks, so each employee gets a new pay stub for each pay period.

Contributions to a health savings account are deducted from your pre-tax income. Some employers’ pay stubs also show the amount of remaining sick leave and vacation leave hours the employee is entitled to during the current year. When you become an employed individual, whether that be part-time or full-time, you are likely to receive a pay stub. To read it and understand how much income you are actually receiving, there are certain sections and tax laws to understand. Payroll warrants look like cheques and clear through the banking system like checks and are therefore often called paychecks by their recipients. But they are not checks because they are not drawn against a checking account.

Doing payroll this way can mean relying on a jumble of spreadsheets, paper documents, separate websites, and so forth, every pay period. It’s possible to do that way if you only have a few employees, but it’s complicated and time-consuming. Payroll software is a much better option for small businesses and becomes essential as they grow. Issuing paychecks and pay stubs is quicker and easier once the data is entered for each employee. Electronic or paperless check stubs provide a variety of benefits to both small businesses and their employees. Plus, depending on the number of employees you have, electronic check stubs may cost you less than the produce per pay period.

In some states, employees must consent to receive electronic pay statements. A paycheck stub is a document containing the details of pay information, along with the total pay amount, typically produced by an employer. Every employee’s paycheck comes with a pay stub, which is a financial record of the employee’s earnings. In the days before digital banking, employees would cash a paper paycheck that was tied to a paper “stub” detailing the breakdown of hours worked, earnings, deductions, and taxes.

What Is A Pay Stub—And What Does It Need To Include?

The pay stub is important because it serves as a point of reference and accountability for both the employee and the employer. Check stubs can be given in paper form or electronically, depending on the employee’s preference. This is a simple pay stub that has all the elements required in the pay period.

  • Companies must therefore understand that requirements for paychecks will vary depending on the country.
  • They may also be applicable when seeking other types of loans such as car loans.
  • We work closely with all our clients to work out what is best for them to successfully manage their international workforce.
  • If you are a freelancer or self-employed, it is up to you to set aside a percentage of each paycheck for deductions like taxes, insurance, etc.
  • You may also make additional employer contributions, like contributing to insurance premiums or your employee’s retirement or savings plan.
  • Across the USA, some states don’t require employers to generate pay stubs, while in other states pay stubs are mandatory, but the rules vary on what details must be included.
  • Pay stubs may also be required as proof of earnings or employment in certain situations such as renting or buying a home.
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