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But, Handy doesn’t require a registration fee, which is a plus. The flexibility of TaskRabbit already gives it a competitive edge over other side gig platforms. Another current employee spreads positive word of mouth about the platform by leaving a 5-star rating. They, however, believe that landing a new job is challenging, but meeting new people is fun. You need to go through numerous verifications to qualify as a Tasker.

How to sign up for TaskRabbit

Therefore, it is a reliable platform to earn cash while selling your services. Handy can help you make up to $65 per hour based on your skill and knowledge. However, unlike TaskRabbit, it charges a background check fee.

  • It is best that you start offering your freelance services at low prices and as you complete more gigs, gain more experience and more reviews you can re-adjust your pay rate accordingly.
  • Also, clients are expected to reimburse you through the platform, as opposed to with cash, for tasks that require you to make an upfront purchase (for example, when picking up an item that wasn’t prepaid).
  • Its partnerships with companies such as Wayfair, Walmart, and Nest make it clear that Handy’s services are focused on the home and garden.
  • You could get hired to help with a move, with heavy lifting, carrying stuff up and down stairs or rearranging stuff and furniture from room to room, for example.
  • Once the task has been completed, you’ll receive an invoice for the hours worked plus any agreed-upon expenses.
  • The threshold amount for tax years prior to 2023 is more than 200 transactions total more than $20,000.

When the project is complete, you’ll submit your invoice and get paid through the app. If you need extra cash and are thinking of taking on a side gig, you’re part of a growing trend. According to Gallup’s “The Gig Economy and Alternative Work Arrangements” report, 36% of workers in the United States participate in the gig economy.

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Working with TaskRabbit gave me the ability to work when I have the time and still make decent money. TaskRabbit has increased its coverage areas significantly since its inception by a single entrepreneur, and its connection with IKEA has increased that coverage. It’s available in select metro areas across 75 metropolitan areas, so there’s https://turbo-tax.org/will-i-be-a-taskrabbit-employee/ a good chance that many city- and suburb-dwellers live close enough to a TaskRabbit service area to make it worth trying out. Taskrabbit is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity at our company. Taskrabbit is committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodation to applicants with physical and mental disabilities.

Will I Be A Taskrabbit Employee?

Handy gladly allows potential customers to shop around for different services and begin the booking process without creating a full account. Customers then add their email address (required) and telephone number (optional), and they’ll be taken to the listing of available workers. TaskRabbit has been globally termed as the 4th top-most gig working platform when it comes to determining how much the gig workers earn monthly. The average Tasker is expected to earn around $110 per month, varying for each kind of job; handyman work, moving services, house cleaning, to name a few. As a Tasker, you can choose to work as a part-time worker or a full-time worker. As a full time-worker, TaskRabbit Taskers can earn up to $2000 per week.


For more specific information on how to choose the best contractor for the job, follow these six tips. To get started, visit TaskRabbit online or download the mobile app for iOS or Android. While you don’t have to create an account as soon as you visit the website or download the app, I recommend getting it out of the way. Creating an account is easy and free, plus you’ll have to sign up to see any local service providers’ information. I signed up for TaskRabbit and searched for a local “Tasker” to see how the process would go.

What are the highest paying tasks on TaskRabbit?

Taskers set their own rates and may get tips. Popular jobs with higher earning potential include handyman-type tasks, moving and cleaning, according to the company.

TaskRabbit is a legitimate platform for clients and Taskers. The platform connects you to people willing to pay for small tasks and errands. You must set your area and work schedule to land a suitable job. This allows the app to notify you when clients look for Taskers that fit your profile.

Those independent contractors are referred to as “Taskers,” and while they offer personal experience and expertise, TaskRabbit does not offer licensed professional services. For more information, https://turbo-tax.org/ visit this page in TaskRabbit’s support center. If you’re handy or have experience in just about any area, TaskRabbit is a great platform to connect with clients and build a profitable business.

  • A Tasker may bring tools or supplies to a job, but this is up to their discretion.
  • Each Tasker sets their own rates depending on their experience and the task’s nature.
  • On the flip side, service providers referred to as Taskers use the platform to search for suitable jobs.
  • Read on for answers to customers’ most common questions about TaskRabbit and Handy.
  • Once you complete a task, you submit an invoice through the TaskRabbit app.
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TaskRabbit recommends using chat as your primary method of communication so that everything is documented in writing. Your phone number and email address won’t be shared with a Tasker. For more information on how to contact Taskers, visit this page in the support center. When I was collecting information on nearby Taskers who could help with cleaning, I felt that the app was more comprehensive than the website.

How Does TaskRabbit Pay?

This means the customer is limited to when a Tasker is available—they can back out of the calendar, choose another Tasker, and check that person’s availability. For most people, this won’t be a problem, but it may be an inconvenience for those with tricky or limited schedules to find someone available when they need the work done. TaskRabbit and Handy are two of the most prominent marketplaces, and they provide similar services, from some of the best packing services to the best home organization services. Below, we’ll break down everything prospective customers need to know when considering TaskRabbit vs. Handy.

  • You and your Tasker should decide what materials will be required and who is purchasing them.
  • And there are times it does feel really good to help somebody out.
  • For example, if you’re pitching mounting and installation services, you might mention the 70-inch TV you sturdily mounted for a client just before the weekend of the big game.
  • For more information on cancellations, visit this page of the support center.
  • These payments are generally transferred within 24 hours after task completion.
  • And, in the early days, it generated plenty of criticism for terms that strong-armed workers into taking jobs and for charging freelancers high fees.
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